Personal Training

Just imagine…having your own Personal Trainer to inspire you, keep you motivated and high five your progress. Ours are simply brilliant at what they do. You will be amazed just how quickly you can reach your goals - and have fun while you are at it!

When you work with a Personal Trainer, they are purely focused on you and your specific goals. This makes you focus better too. Moreover, because they are up to speed on the latest scientific fitness research, they can incorporate it into the best possible workout for you. Launch yourself into the next level with a personal training package designed to keep you on track and ensure your success!

Let us help you stay fit for life. Our team of professional personal trainers tailor each workout to focus on clients' individual needs and fitness goals:
Improve strength, balance, and cardiovascular endurance
Become efficient and effective with your time in the gym
Achieve your personal health and fitness goals

The PT program includes:
Medical and fitness tests to evaluate your progress
Medical consultations with our high qualified sport medicine doctor
Specific nutritional consultations with our qualified nutritional therapist
Individual exercise programs for each session of training (based on your needs and goals)
Personal training at least two times a week using our exclusive abbreviated training system
All the advice you need to make sure you get exactly what you want from your exercise

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