Huber (Human Body Equalizer) is designed to improve our quality of life. It can improve healthy body or retrain an injured one. By its unique design it can tailor the exercises for each individual who uses it.
With its unique action, muscle groups are being isolated to detect the level and ability of their performance. More excitingly, Huber appears to be the only machine currently able to achieve specific strengthening of the muscle groups of the spine. Within the vertebral column, many small muscles act to maintain the position of the spine and enable specific movements. Frequently local injuries or lack of use of these with our inactive lifestyle results in weakened sections of these muscles and compensatory over action by other nearby ones. This imbalance serves to perpetuate problems with your spine and actions of muscle groups far from this area (such as arms, legs, feet tracking etc.)

How HUBER can helps you?
Simultaneous and harmonious workout of the legs, arms, buttocks, abdominal muscles and spine muscles (global workout).
Strengthens muscle chains, optimizes coordination, stimulates balance and improves posture.
Personalized exercises/workout programs adapted to the needs and objectives sought by the client. The strengths and weaknesses of each individual can be identified: closely resembling to the concept of personal trainer.
An efficient workout that does not require extreme or dangerous efforts.
Helps prevent and fight back pain through global, harmonious stimulation and strengthening of deep muscles
Helps senior citizen to preserve or recover balance, thus restoring mobility and pleasure for light exercise.
A vital tool for women who are often sedentary and who seek to maintain muscle tone and bone strength and regain good posture.
A new form of rehabilitation. This global approach is well adapted for diverse physiological situations. Over 80 muscles can be stimulated in one single exercise.
Crucial for athletes: it optimizes performance, helps control movements and increases body mobility.

HUBER contains four main parts:
1) Oscillating Platform: The patented motorized platform with adjustable amplitude, speed and direction of rotation places the subject in permanent disequilibrium and thus allows correction of posture from head to toe.
2) Mobile Column: The vertical movement of the column complements the platform oscillation to amplify global muscle stimulation and create whole muscle group workouts. This movement can also be adjusted at the beginning of a session to fit user height.
3) Intelligent Handles: The handles are ergonomic and are equipped with sensors that analyze in real time the user’s pushing and pulling efforts. They are adapted to all body sizes and shapes.
4) Screen and Interactive Functions: HUBER measures user skill in coordinating left and right movements to reach a target light. The user thus learns to move in an unstable environment (mobile platform and column).

“Zendegi Health & Spa Complex”, we offer HUBER in 10-secession packages. Each session is about 30 to 45 minutes and we suggest to repeat your sessions 2 to 3 times a week.
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