Medical Assessments

At Zendegi Health & Spa Complex, we carry out inclusive tests to become aware of member's general and physical health before designing exercises and engaging any serious physical activity. Our professionals can help you develop an individually tailored health and exercise plan based on specific risk factors indicated by your lifestyle such as time of life, social and family history in order for you to take control of your health and fitness progress.
Having regular checkups (based on your membership package) will identify if there are any medical problems and how your body reflects to your exercise programs. Our health-monitoring program includes:

Body Composition Analysis (measuring and analyzing of different body elements such as fat, muscles, EDEMA, biological age, etc.)
Body Posture Analysis (analyzing the spinal column shape)
12-lead Electro-Cardio Graph test (determining the heart healthiness)
Spiro-meter Test (lung volumes and capacities measurement)
Sport Medicine Consultant and calculate the individual fitness level at each training by accurate analysis of more than 100 essential body parameters and indexes to prepare an individual fitness and hydrotherapy program for each club member

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