Our Differentiations

“Feel oxygen from mountain”

Using specific air installation for generating and maintaining air provides pure feeling of fresh air within the entire complex.


“Feel pure water”

The swimming pool's and the whirlpool's water is being constantly monitored and adjusted by means of using the most modern technologies and impressive designing in order to provide the cleanest and purest water available.


“Feel peace and joy”

Designing and implementing different facilities with the most precise worldwide standards and the help of local and international advisers within different field such as interior design, color physiology, lightening, music and installation have authenticate  the real feeling of pleasure for our guests.


“Feel being important”

Uncovering and assessing the strong and weak points of your body, continuous monitoring and consequently designing particular exercises introduces you the most reliable approach for getting started to get fit and attractive.


“Feel the difference”

Membership of international associations proposes the experience of the finest spa, fitness and health centers to our guests to feel the difference within a different environment. Becoming a part of Zendegi family, you will have the chance of adding a unique experience to your lifestyle.

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