What about drinking after a massage?

About 50-70% of your body is water. After lying on a massage table for an hour or so, drinking water or a herbal drink can help you rehydrate and even feel less light-headed.

Should I avoid eating or drinking before a massage?

It is best to not eat right beforehand. If you are too hungry to wait, something light that won't upset your stomach is okay. We just wouldn't recommend heavier fare.
It's all right to drink some water or lighter non-alcoholic beverages before your session, but again we recommend not overdoing it. This is more of a comfort issue than anything. So if you are okay with it, so are we.

How soon will I notice the results of massage / facial therapy?

This depends on what your own specific condition, pain levels and skin health are. The one thing you will notice is a heightened state of relaxation (which is great for stress relief) directly following your session and a special glow to your skin right after you have received a facial.

How often do I need a massage?

Think of once a month as your baseline. Times of extra physical or mental stress may call for more frequent sessions. Finding time can seem difficult when life is extremely busy, but it's an investment that will pay off by helping you maintain your pre-stress levels of health and wellness. If you want the maximum benefit, twice a month is really optimal.

How long should a massage last?

That depends on what you want to accomplish. Some people view a one-hour massage as enough for relaxation and relief of mild stress or tension areas. A two-hour session provides maximum therapeutic relief of chronic pain, stress or tension through a full-body massage using various modalities. And in between those, an hour and a half session allows time for relief of tight muscles or persistent pain, plus dedicated relief of specific areas of discomfort.

I work out and keep in shape. What type of massage is best for me?

You might want to consider Sports massage, particularly after a workout. Also keep in mind that as we age, joints tend to tighten. By working muscles, connective tissues and tendons, massage therapy will help improve flexibility and range of motion, helping make you less prone to injury.

What's the best massage for a beginner?

A Swedish massage is the most common choice for a first-time visitor, because it provides therapeutic benefits while also being relaxing. There are many types to choose from, though.

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