“Zendegi Complex” is all about healthy pleasures. Our incredible massages, body treatments and facials reduce stress, relax your muscles and feel so good. Our unique spa treatments combine ancient, traditional and modern therapies to restore balance and re-energize body and mind.

Leave the pressures of everyday life behind and step into an oasis of calm. We have created a peaceful space that promotes tranquility and well-being that attends to the needs of body, mind and spirit.

Spa Timetable (both for men & women)
Saturday to Wednesday: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Thursday & Friday: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

For reservation, please call us on 88520645 or 88507080

Swedish Massage

Duration 60 min.
Price 19.80.000 Rls.

Swedish massage, with a rhythm that follows the natural pulse of your body, takes you on a journey where the boundaries of time and space disappear and only a sense of relaxation and lightness remains. This massage is more than a simple treatment procedure, it is a bridge towards recovery. A whisper of care and attention to every part of your being. With each slow and calculated movement, your body and soul merge, plunging you into a world of endless relaxation, where the only signs left are soft smiles and deep breaths.

Hot Stone Massage

Duration 90 min.
Price 31.350.000 Rls.

In a combination of the dance of the masseur's hands and the warm warmth of the stones, the wonderful experience of the hot stone massage will take you to another world. Some believe that these stones have stored the energy of volcanoes inside them, and you will also believe this when the pleasant heat and the soft and smooth surface of the stones gently sit on your body and a wave of energy penetrates deep into your being. he does. Forget about pain and fatigue with hot stone massage and prepare for new adventures.

Candle Massage

Duration 60 min. / 90 min.
Price 27.500.000 Rls. / 33.000.000 Rls.

Experience an experience beyond ordinary massage with candle massage. This type of massage caresses your body from head to toe using special candles that contain natural and aromatic oils. The soothing heat of this oil penetrates deep into the muscles and relaxes them, while its softening and high absorption properties make your skin very soft, shiny and beautiful.

The pleasant aroma of plants and fruits used in candle oils has a positive effect on the mind and body and brings deep relaxation and a unique sense of lightness. The experience of aromatherapy with candles is one of the most special massage experiences and accompanies you on the path of freshness and youth.

Herbal Compress Massage

Duration 90 min.
Price 31.350.000 Rls.

Imagine warm linen bags filled with fragrant herbs gently resting on your skin while you lie down in a relaxing and pleasant environment. With each soft and gentle stroke, these bags show a dance of relaxation, melt away the tensions one after the other and accompany you on the way to a comfortable sleep away from mental stress.

The herbal compress massage experience, beyond physical cleansing, soothes the soul and mind. Each movement of the hands of our experts creates a feeling of liberation and regeneration, as if every part of your body comes to life again.

Sport Massage

Duration 45 min.
Price 19.800.000 Rls.

Sports massage is a specialized and efficient experience for athletes and anyone looking for a deeper, high-pressure massage. This massage not only works as an excellent preparation method before starting the exercises, but also after the activity as an effective recovery method, so that it maximizes your physical and mental abilities, and it prepares you to achieve the best performance. This massage reduces muscle fatigue and increases their flexibility. The techniques used in this massage focus on the key points of the body such as the spine, neck, shoulders and legs, which are usually used during sports training or classes. After working for a long time, they suffer from cramps and stress.


Motherhood Massage

Duration 45 min.
Price 16.500.000 Rls.

This massage is an ideal combination of Swedish massage techniques and other gentle styles using essential oils that specifically help mothers to experience more relaxation and feel better during their pregnancy. During this period, many pregnant women face fatigue and various cramps in the body due to the change in body shape and weight gain, and this special massage helps to relieve these pains and fatigue.

It is recommended that this massage be offered only after the first trimester of pregnancy and with the doctor's consultation to ensure that it is performed in the best way and without any risk for the mother and the fetus.

Foot Massage

Duration 30 min.
Price 11.000.000 Rls.

Tired, aching feet can really weigh you down yet a mere 45 minutes of our therapist’s firm, sweeping strokes, along with deeper pressure point work, will immediately release tensions ease tiredness and diminish any swelling or heaviness. Perfect if you’ve been standing or walking all day, ideal after a long spell in high heels, and particularly rejuvenating after travel, especially long-haul.

Body Scrub

Duration 30 min.
Price 13.200.000 Rls.

Let your skin shine again. The sugar grains of the scrub will remove dead cells from your skin, and you will enjoy a pleasant massage using special oils and creams. Soft, tender and refreshing skin is the result of your use of this special service.

Traditional Hammam

Duration 30 min.
Price 11.000.000 Rls.

In the traditional bath "Good sense of life", we invite you to return to your roots and experience authenticity. In this eye-catching place, using ancient techniques and natural materials, you will have a pure opportunity to re-experience the cultural richness and old health traditions of Iran with all its features, from cleansing the skin and balancing the temperament to achieving deep relaxation.

A unique experience of relaxation awaits you: from sleeping on the integrated hot stone, professional exfoliation with bags and white water, full body massage with soapy foam to traditional head and body rinsing, and all these services are provided by experienced professionals.

The use of these services is done with disposable supplies and in completely hygienic conditions so that you have a good sense of cleanliness and freshness.

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