Our History

     On an autumn evening in 2000, a story began to unfold that would forever transform the wellness industry. Alireza Esfahani, a creative and self-made entrepreneur who had recently sold his factory, "Arvand Sazeh," found himself sitting on a cement chair next to the Amjadiyeh tennis court. This was after a serendipitous and significant tennis match with a stranger. Holding steaming cups of tea, they shared a vision that was destined to become a reality.
     Alireza, along with his eldest son, Mehdi, aspired to create more than just an ordinary gym, despite their lack of experience in health and fitness. They embarked on thorough and extensive research of top fitness centers. This research brought them to a realization: the health and wellness world needed profound change. They envisioned an environment that not only focused on physical health but also nurtured the spirit and mind, a place where everyone could become the best version of themselves.
     "Zendegi Complex," meaning "life" in Persian, was conceptualized not just as a name, but as a commitment to fostering a "good sense of life." Upon entering, customers would be immersed in an atmosphere prioritizing respect, mental and physical health, and enhanced personal communication. This approach aimed to ensure that each visitor's experience would be unique, transcending typical fitness training sessions or massages, and becoming a journey of inner transformation.
     To realize their vision, Alireza and Mehdi invested all their family assets and savings into building the complex. Their dedication and innovation were recognized when the International Health, Racquet and Sports club Association granted them membership in this prestigious international community, a first for a sports center in the Middle East.
     Thus, in the spring of 2013, the "Zendegi Health & Spa Complex" was inaugurated. It not only revolutionized exercise standards but also became a symbol of transformation and wellness. This was the fruition of a dream that had taken root over two cups of tea on an autumn afternoon.
     With its innovative approach, the complex swiftly rose to prominence as one of the finest health and wellness centers in Iran and globally, establishing a legacy unparalleled before or since. No other center could rival its achievements.

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