“Zendegi Complex” is all about healthy pleasures. Our incredible massages, body treatments and facials reduce stress, relax your muscles and feel so good. Our unique spa treatments combine ancient, traditional and modern therapies to restore balance and re-energize body and mind.

Leave the pressures of everyday life behind and step into an oasis of calm. We have created a peaceful space that promotes tranquility and well-being that attends to the needs of body, mind and spirit.

Spa Timetable (both for men & women)
Saturday to Wednesday: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Thursday: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For reservation, please call us on 88520645 & 88507080

Swedish Massage

Duration 60 min. / 90 min.
Price 2.400.000 Rls /3.200.000 Rls.

A traditional full body treatment and ideal as an introduction massage. Stimulating movements help soothe tired aching muscles to leave you relaxed and revived. But Swedish massage goes beyond relaxation. This massage is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility.

Sport Massage

Duration 45 min.
Price 2.400.000 Rls.

This massage focuses on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive movements sometimes associated with athletics. Working every muscle group, this treatment will release even the tightest knots, while it relieves stiff, overworked and weary bodies. It is a deep tissue massage and along with stiffness and reduced mobility, all your anxieties will be swept away, for a relaxed, re-energized body and unruffled spirits.

Russian Massage

Duration 60 min. / 90 min.
Price 2.400.000 Rls /3.200.000 Rls.

An expert, targeted massage will entirely de-stress the body from head to toe, easing every care away. The treatment starts with a divinely soothing footbath, followed by a gentle rhythmic massage to revitalize, re-energize and enhance lymph flow, sweeping toxins away. Perfect if you are prone to stress, anxiety and insomnia, or simply in need of a pampering treat.

Scrub Massage

Duration 45 min. / 90 min.
Price 2.400.000 Rls /3.900.000 Rls.

The process of skin cell renewal is one that occurs naturally, yet this process slows down as we age leading to dull-looking, lifeless and dry skin. Exfoliation is an optimal treatment that accelerates the natural skin cell renewal process, stimulates the blood and its circulation through the lymphatic system and brings oxygen and nutrition to the surface of the skin while simultaneously assisting the body to flush away toxins. If performed on a regular basis, exfoliation can be highly effective in the treatment of cellulite and ensures soft, smooth skin.

Motherhood Massage

Duration 45 min.
Price 1.900.000 Rls.

When you are pregnant few things, feel more divine than a massage especially designed to release tension and revitalize from top to toe. This massage is perfectly safe for you and your baby and uses only the most gentle, unscented oils, and is adapted to entirely suit you, positioning your body for optimal comfort and easing aches and pains, while lifting the spirits. Perfect for expectant mothers in their second and third trimester.

Hot Stone Treatment

Duration 90 min.
Price 4.200.000 Rls.

Somebody believes that the Basalt stones used in Hot Stone massage are filled with the vitality and energy of the water that flows over them in an eternal stream. As your therapist massages your body with these stones, anointed with sensual aromas, you will believe they are right. Smooth, warmed stones glide across your body in long, flowing strokes. The stone’s heat relaxes the muscles and has a soothing effect on your emotions. Simultaneously, other stones are placed on your body’s energy points, deeply infusing muscles with heat to melt away tension.

Herbal Compress Massage

Duration 90 min.
Price 3.700.000 Rls.

A stimulating and relaxing experience, this signature treatment includes a pressure point massage along the body's 10 major energy channels, releasing blocked energy and increasing awareness and vitality. Gentle stretching of the joints and muscles relieves tension, enhances flexibility and induces a deep state of tranquility. A warm herbal compress as well as an aromatic infusion of herbs, is used to relieve muscle tension in the back, especially the shoulder and neck areas. Following the treatment, you will feel completely revived and restored.

Head & Face Massage

Duration 30 min.
Price 1.900.000 Rls.

Stress and tension is held in muscles, tissues and joints around the face, neck and head, and can result in headaches as well as generalized aches and pains. This 45-minute massage targets these accumulated stresses, easing tensions while deeply relaxing and soothing your spirits. Perfect if you need a targeted, potent, yet pampering, de-stress.

Foot Massage

Duration 30 min.
Price 1.400.000 Rls.

Tired, aching feet can really weigh you down yet a mere 45 minutes of our therapist’s firm, sweeping strokes, along with deeper pressure point work, will immediately release tensions ease tiredness and diminish any swelling or heaviness. Perfect if you’ve been standing or walking all day, ideal after a long spell in high heels, and particularly rejuvenating after travel, especially long-haul.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Duration 45 min.
Price 1.900.000 Rls.

Focused, deep tissue massage releases even the most stubborn knots and tensions, as well asincreasing mobility and range of movement in your neck and shoulders, the part of the body typically most subject to tension. This 45-minute treatment involves deep pressure massage and gentle stretching all over the back, neck, shoulders, and is expertly tailored to your individual needs. Perfect if you spend long hours hunched over your desk, or if you simply use the same muscle groups repetitively.

Candle Massage

Duration 60 min. / 90 min.
Price 3.900.000 Rls. / 4.500.000 Rls.

As a massage candle fills the room with its luxurious aroma and warmth, the wax will melt at a soothing temperature, creating a warm blend of essential oils. This warm oil of nat¬ural but¬ters will be driz¬zled over the skin for a won¬der¬ful Swedish Mas¬sage treat-ment. Our massage therapist will utilize the warm oils to complete the ultimate massage experience, leaving your body relaxed and your skin nourished.

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